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COVID 19- Free to Study online course

Click image below to register for FREE to study COVID course

Understand more about Coronavirus COVID-19 and how to prevent transmission


Whilst our NHS is currently stretched it has never been more important to be as self reliant as we can.  Part of that is knowing what to do to deal quickly with everyday medical situations, where prompt action could mean a trip to the GP or A&E is not then required.

At the same time many will not want to attend a public First Aid course.  So why not sign up for an online course instead - ours use video to teach rather than having pages and pages to read or of a powerpoint presentation.  Video is like a private class just for you.

To view all our online courses click here.  For many online courses you can also study online ie Appointed Person £24.95 + vat and then book a private half an hour session a practical 'hands on' session.

We also provide private 'one to one' classes - for more details click here.  

We also have a FREE to study Coronavirus COVID-19 online course.

Just email us with any questions or for further information.

Online Courses from an Approved Centre

Whether it is in the classroom or online successful completion of a course is a great confidence boost.

Why use us as opposed to another company?  We are a ProTrainings Approved Centre - see what this means in video below:

HeartSine AED available from £999 + vat, email us for more information.

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