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Paediatric Part 2 7 EFAW - Bexhill 24th September 2021

Comprehensive and thorough.  Sharon was excellent - engaging and fun.  Plus could answer questions in an understandable way.  R Abraham


Very thorough and very well presented - A Parsons


Maybe add a bit more practical to break up the day, but overall I enjoyed it - G Holland


Blended EFAW Part 2 - Crowborough - 13th September 2021


I liked the blended format - it maximised learning opportunities.  The practical set-up felt safe and covid secure.  Excellent presentation.  Thank you!    Medeana Findlay


Appointed Person Course - Private Class - 18th August 2021

Excellent - Joanne Alderman


Paediatric Part 2 & EFAW @ Matfield - 28th July 2021

Very informative training, nice and relaxed learning - Jeanette East - Credo Care


Feedback from all attendees for this course has always been excellent - Dee Tormey - Owner Baronsmede Family Homes


Well led training with good level of detail and wide range of topics and coverage of incidents and scenarios.  Thank you - Jordan Groom - Baronsmede Family Homes


Paediatric Part 2 Bexhill 23rd July 21


Really enjoyed this course, trainer put everyone at ease and explained /demonstrated in layman terms - Josephine Jedrek


Paediatric Part 2 at Bexhill -21/5/21


Helpful content, good delivery, nothing to suggest as an improvement - Mike Parsons


EFAW @ Tunbridge Wells Lawn Tennis Club - 9/5/21


Very good, leant a lot - Edward Prescott


Great session run by Sharon, informative yet enjoyable. Engaging manner.  All areas covered well! Thank you - James Yeates


Brilliant course, very well presented!  Sharon made everything really clear and easy to understand - James Charman


DeFib Reaction for a more realistic demonstration.  Very well presented - Mikhall Leys


Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) - 5th May 2021

Great and easy to follow. Thank you - L Molloy

Training was well delivered with opportunities to ask questions and practice - S Rich

Fabulous first aid session.  Very Enjoyable - N Alturas

Very good course, thank you - M Wilmshurst

Venue was cold - xxxxxxx

FAW Requalification Course - 16th April 2021

Pre course information and communication was clear and timely.  Course tutor was knowledgeable and delivered appropriate to my knowledge and took into account experience and number on course. Dale Richards

FAW Requalification Course - 31st March 2021

Sharon was an excellent trainer.  She helped to personalise the course for my workplace and client group.  She was very good and personable.  Thank you! - S King

Appointed Person Course - 24th March 2021

Very well presented.  Plenty of practice opportunities and practical advice.  Good anecdotes to illustrate teaching points - Rachel Davis

Great teacher, makes it seem real - Karen Weston

Very good training, well delivered and relatable. Easy to follow - M Lomas

Sharon does the course very well and made it a pleasure to do my first aid training - Mandy Roberts

1 - 1 Emergency First Aid at Work Part 2 - 17th February 2021

Great course - Well delivered, very helpful - Ben Calthrop

First Aid at Work (FAW) course January 2021 

A well informed training course that was adapted to the learners needs.  Very well run, thank you! - Michelle Payne, Ladybirds Nursery, Ticehurst.

Paediatric Part 2 & EFAW - 26th October, Public Class

Excellent service and knowledge! - Oliver Taylor

Basic Life Support & AED - 22nd October, Public Class

Tutor was brilliant, very knowledgeable.  Thanks.  H Addo RGN

The course and its contents are very good.  Enjoyed the session, learnt a lot.  Sharon made such a dry and difficult topic very easy to understand.  A Sami

EFAW Part 2, Private Lesson 4th October 2020

Really enjoyed the whole course.  I thought the blending of Part 1 was excellent and a lot better way of retaining the information.

Sharon's delivery was extremely informative and fun.  No hesitation in recommending this course.  David Clifford, Tennis Coach, Tonbridge.

FAW Requalification, private lesson 10th September 20

Sharon has an excellent style of delivery and is knowledgeable. Sharon is very up to date with relevant current affairs/changes in practices.  Very useful for me as a first aider and a First Aid Trainer - A Main

Emergency First Aid at Work 9/9/20 @ Crowborough

Thanks very much for delivering an excellent EFAW course - I really enjoyed the 1 - 1 - Tracey Stevens

Paediatric Part 2 & EFAW @ Glenleigh Park Primary on 7th September 2020

Very good knowledge of first aid and delivered very well.  Enjoyed having training in a small group - Mia Cole

Really enthusiastic and engaging.  Very friendly, didn't feel as if you couldn't ask 'silly' questions. Thank you for running such an excellent course! -Mia Elliott 

Appointed Person Course 6th August 2020

Was nice to feel welcomed and relaxed - Carrie Hadfield

Dental BLS with AED 16th July 2020

Excellent teaching and presentation.  Very informative and efficient - Gurpreet Singh Madan.

Dental BLS with AED on 29th July 2020

Amazing and great in-depth course content.  I feel very confident with the knowledge of the tutor.  I will definitely do refresher course again. I will recommend it to my colleagues - Kamran Ishaq

Paediatric Part 2 & EFAW  re Broadwater School 8th July 2020

The course was fantastic!  Very well explained and all questions answered.  Very dynamic - Miriam Rodriguez

Being anxious about first aid Sharon put me at ease and made me feel confident and comfortable.  Her course knowledge was excellent!  I enjoyed the videos and felt I learnt a lot even though we were doing the training in strange times during social distancing, I was able to learn a lot.  Thank you. Anita Keywood

Paediatric & EFAW at Marden Primary 6th July 2020

Very clearly delivered.   It was relaxed and therefore less intimidating than I thought it might have been - Ashley Chapman

Very well done.  Enjoyed the course - Tina Hicks


Paediatric Part 2 & EFAW - 18th March 2020

Paediatric Part 2 - Great course, good clear instruction, friendly, easy to absorb information - Anna Saunters

EFAW - Course was great, content was good and tutor was so lovely - Kieran Mason 

Appointed Person First Aid Course - 4th March 2020

Great course, would highly recommend.  Much better than other first aid courses I've previously been on.  Use of examples and experience was very useful.  Thank you very much.  Lindsay Kennedy

Enjoyable course, good delivery - made you feel comfortable and at ease within a group. Thank you.  Tara Baldock

Good refresher training, well executed by tutor - Andrew Kerton

Great tutor - everything explained and taught clearly - Sharon Bacon

Appointed Person First Aid - 26th February 2020

Trainer had fantastic knowledge and was able to answer all of my questions effectively - Helen Hadley

Excellent and informative training in a relaxed environment - L McDougall

Very informative course leader and approachable - B Martin

Room a bit chilly but a great course - S Thomson

Very helpful and informative.  Practical elements very consolidating.  Slides informative. - S Plummer

Emergency First Aid at Work - 19th January 20

Really informative course-great content and superb teaching J Jarrett

Absolutely superb delivery once again - Steve Jarrett  JTS Tennis

Appointed Person First Aid 22nd November 20

Very good - K Foster

Very good training, good trainer who adapts to each setting -  Z Hampshire-Jones

Training very good very interesting.  I felt I learnt a lot today, very happy K Duncan

It was very clear and helpful - M Curtis

The lady was informative and gave lots of information in different areas - J Beach

Very helpful and detailed - M Keesing

Appointed Person First Aid - 19th November 20

Very good and informative course - T Abery

Thought the course was very interesting and very worthwhile - S Richards

Great teacher, learnt a lot - D Peacock

Very good, interesting session. Tutor very good as well, very informative

- E Goldsmith

Very satisfactory.  Learnt a lot in the time.  Very nice, excellent tutor.  Well done all round - D Walters

Informative course.  Room was good size. Trainer knew everything.  Some changes from previous training I have had -  M Walker

Made to feel at ease when doing practical training.  Not singling anyone out for answers - K Whiffen

I enjoyed the training, mainly a refresher course for me.  I enjoyed learning about the bandaging as this I hadn't done previously - S Westlake

FAW Requalification Private Course 15th November 20

Very good instructor and informative on all parts of course - R Sellors

Appointed Person Course - 8th November 2019

Very good trainer, explained everything clearly - Karen Bond

Super course - interesting and a relaxed session.  Thank you. Julie Bryant

Really helpful!  Thanks so much.  I feel a lot more confident now in relation to First Aid.  Thanks for being friendly and funny!   Lydia Flux

Break sessions up with more practical work, morning was quite long.  Overall very good and tutor very engaging.  M Weston

For the session to be split up more, more discussion/debate/practical.  Maybe another short break?  V Trowell

Appointed Person Course - 6th November 2019

Very enjoyable course - felt comfortable. Frankie Edwards

EFAW & Paediatric Blended Part 2

4th October 2019

Very happy with the training.  Thank you!  Kelly Millington

Good.  Friendly tutor excellent instruction.  Paul Killick

Fantastic delivery to class.  Made the 7 hours of the course fly by and the biscuits were to die for.  Thank you!!   Michael Evans

EFAW & Paediatric Blended Part 2  

2nd October 2019

Practical session very useful for improving confidence - Karen Wesely-Evans

The course was very interesting, I enjoyed learning new things, the tutor was so welcoming, polite and very helpful, I will recommend this course to my workplace and friends.  Thank you so much.  Lisa Cheeseman

Enjoyable and informative course - Sue Hockney-Tree

BLS, CPR & AED for Healthcare 21st August 

Very knowledgeable, informative and professional trainer.  Made me feel at ease.   Dr S Moghraby

BLS, CPR & AED for Healthcare 7th June 2019

Very clear. Really like the stories to make important points, good to help remember specifics. Excellent teacher.  

Dr A Kemp

BLS, CPR & AED for Healthcare 7th June 2019

Well organised event, excellent venue.  A structured process of learning.  An experienced and knowledgeable instructor - Dr K Kolev

Course very informative and helpful.  I will be happy to use the knowledge I gained today in order to act in situations where help is needed.  I have never covered First Aid in depth (despite working as Healthcare Assistant).  I still think it is necessary and it might save someone's life - Judyta Zisch

EFAW & Paediatric Blended Part 2 on 24th May 2019

I have attended a few First Aid sessions over the years - this was the first one that didn't drag and felt genuinely enjoyable.  Sharon was brilliant throughout - thank you!     Ben Fisher

Thank you, the course was delivered well and with lots of opportunities for discussion.  Very friendly trainer, making everyone feel at ease.  (Chairs a little uncomfortable - but not trainer fault!).  Alison Love

Appointed Person 10th May 2019

Brilliant session and lovely tutor - Laura Izzard

Appointed Person 8th May 2019

The course was well put together, tutor well presented and friendly.  All information explained perfectly - Aaron Mutch

Enjoyable course.  Well presented and informative - Bruce Rye

Enjoyed course, good teaching skills and kept everyone interested - KH

Sharon is great teacher and she made the training interesting by getting us involved.

BLS Assessment 18th April 2019

Sharon is quick and very optimal in training and making sure that the learner is understanding what he/she needed to - Dr B Mooley

Paediatric Part 2 & EFAW - 5th April 2019

Very worthwhile course and enjoyable - D Hobson

Appointed Person - 8th March 2019

Very good teaching.  I found it hard to retain/ take in too much as I felt I needed a more basic course.  But all in all a good session.  TR

Appointed Person  - 6th March 2019

Very useful, well explained in clear language.  covered most points - including farm hazards.  Should have done this course earlier in my life.  MC

An informative course delivered in a friendly and efficient manner, without time wasted on team building etc. LH

BLS/CPR & AED for Healthcare - 4th March 2019

Good informative course & easy to follow - F Parratt

Blended Paediatric Part 2 & EFAW 18th January 2019

Trainer was so lovely, welcoming, putting me at ease.  Explained every part I didn't understand.  Explained the assessment process fully.  An asset to the company.  Thank you - Clare Coleman

Appointed Person Course - 5th February 2019

Really enjoyed the explanations and content of the course - Excellent! N Terry

After being sceptical, most informative and will be useful in all walks of life. G Collins

Very good. N Workman

Very clear in all aspects - lovely person. P Buss

Very well delivered course, informative and enjoyable, highly recommend. C Sutherland

Learned a lot. V Fowler

Dental BLS,CPR & AED - 12th November 2018

Trainer made the course interesting and easy to understand and great fun - Anne Hendricks

BLS, CPR & AED for Healthcare - 24th August 2018

I was given full and useful information.  I can now say I have been given far better knowledge than I have been given at such training before - Many thanks 

Salah Moghraby

BLS, CPR and AED for Dentists - 13th August 2018

Very good course delivery - learnt a lot - Lucy Hicks

Appointed Person - 23rd July 2018 

for Grays Cafe, Brenchley

Course delivery has been the best I have ever been on.  Easy to understand delivery and enabled me to understand course content.  Thank you so much - Sue Gray 

Sharon was brilliant, supportive and very friendly, made it fun, I learnt a lot.   Having young children 8 and 1 years, very interesting to learn CPR for children and breathing care in carseats - Gina

Excellent course, very informative, learnt lots - Martin Glanfield

Could of done with more time on practical - Kevin Gray

Very well presented and detailed, plenty of time spent on each section/topic.  Thank you - Jordan Groom

Well presented & comprehensive course - Dee Tormey 

BLS, CPR and AED for Dentists - 9th July 2018

Lovely! xx KP  

Very lovely tutor and very patient.  Clear speech, asking to check if we understood information received.  No rush and very smiley lady.  Friendly. - AM

Paediatric Part 2 - 6th July 2018

Great training, well delivered - LP

I learnt many new things. Very friendly trainer - GL

The course was delivered at a good pace.  I felt we read a lot of info we had already gone over via online training, but perhaps this will help me to remember some information - KM

Very friendly lady, knowledgeable and very patient.  Thank you - ZD

Well delivered training.  Very informative - ES

Appointed Person - 13th June 2018

Really enjoyed the course, the way it was delivered, very impressed.  Like the way how everything was explained and relative for example - examples given.   Natalia

Very well presented, course fast moving, relaxed, humorous, put us at ease. Norma

Enjoyed the course and the way it was delivered.  Felt very relaxed and at ease.  Naomi

CPR/BLS & AED - Dental - 21st May 2018

One to one session was excellent and enabled me to retain the information much more efficiently than in a group - Debra Brand, Fourways Dental Surgery

FAWR Part 2 - 14th May 2018

I really enjoyed this training.  A fun but very knowledgeable trainer. Kept to a good learning pace - Jason Whybrow

Paediatric Part 2 - 11th May 2018

Thank you - a very clear and informative course - NW

Excellent knowledge of the trainer - AH

Really informative - a fantastic teacher - Rosie Smith

Appointed Person - 9th May 2018

Very good well led course, thank you - Maureen Wilmshurst

I really loved how relaxed the trainer made this course.  I had no idea what to expect when I arrived but have really enjoyed doing the course.  I wish I did not have to travel so far, but I would definately do so again.  I really feel like I have learnt a lot today.  Sian Oliver

Excellent.  Good presentation. Done in a way which was easy to understand.  Relaxed and put at ease so you didn't feel silly about asking questions if you were not sure about something.  Sandra Oldham

Dementia Awareness - 4th May 2018

All of the course was interesting - R Neeves

I found it more of a refresher - J Moore

Liked having opportunity to ask questions, would like more practical sessions around aggressive behaviour - R Driscoll

It was all very informative - A Shorter

Appointed Person - 18th April 2018

'Relaxed course with great instructor' - Michelle Chantler

'Very east to listen to and ask questions and interact' - Michelle Lomas

'Very thorough, practical, visual and informative training' - Rachel Davis

BLS /AED for Dentists- 21st March 2018

I am pleased with my training. TKE were very flexible which enabled me to do the course within the timescale I needed. Trainer is very friendly and puts you at ease. The course progresses at your pace, a pace that you can cope with - O Arinoso

BLS Assessment - 16th March 2018

It was good to have this refresher in the comfort of my place of work. Thank you. I found it very helpful - Dr M J

Appointed Person - 14th March 2018

The lady was very nice and explained the course very well - Mandy Roberts

Great and informative. Sharon very friendly and relaxed enviroment - Gemma Andrew

Very well taught - thank you - Gesine Porsch

Appointed Person - 10th January 2018 at

Beulah lodge

I found this training very interesting - a lot of useful information and really nice tutor - A Hirny

Very informative, enjoyed it - A Shorter

Thoroughly enjoyed - T Daw

Good training, learnt a lot - J Moore

Very informative, I learnt a lot of things I didn't know, very nice lady too - N Rose

Appointed Person - 13th December 2017

Very relaxed, informative course, an ideal learning environment - E Wright

Very clear and thorough. Practical exercises very helpful. More confidence gained and will be able to use effectively - A Brunt

Blended Paediatric Course Part 2 - 6th December 2017

Course was informative and covered the online part. Practical tasks were good and really useful. Trainer is highly qualified and a great teacher - A Drahos

FAW Renewal 8th & 10th November 2017

Well put over for me to understand - excellent course - R Forward

Blended Paediatric Course Part 2 - 1st November 2017

Thank you for helping me with my dyslexia and explaining things to me in more detail. R Burman

BLS Assessment 11th October 2017

I think everything went very well. She was presenting very well with a professional touch. Dr M K

Blended Paediatric 26th July 2017

Tutor was very organised, excellent time management, the info was specific and the message was clear. I was very relaxed and have enjoyed every moment of it, the practical sessions in particular - Nicusor Achim

Teacher was very friendly and put everyone at ease. Nice venue too, good snacks! Jude Burgess

Very pleased with the teaching and training facilities and equipment. Tutor was very helpful and well organised - Ciara Groves

Fantastic delivery, fun yet informative in a nice relaxed environment - Royan Grave

FAW Requalification 10th July 2017

Trainer Jason has a good pace of delivery, is passionate about the subject and very knowledgeable, brilliant demonstrations.

Blended EFAW 20th May 2017


Blended EFAW 20th May 2017

Excellent course content, very friendly & helpful tutor, very quick organisation of course, as needed urgently.

Paediatric Course 15th & 16th May

Very well done - informative and relaxed style, made learning easier and less pressured. Many thanks.

Appointed Person 4th May 2017

Appreciated the relaxed but professional delivery. Pace was timed really well, plenty of opportunity for clarification but no 'waffle' - Jo

Good course, trainer good, clear, explained well - Beverley

Lovely lady, found it very helpful - Emily

Appointed Person 3rd May 2017

Excellent course met our needs, good first aid update - Carrie Hadfield

Great course and lovely tutor - Susie Hopkins

Appointed Person 25th April 2017

Informative and interesting - Libby Webb

EFAW Blended 29th March 2017


Absolutely amazing session. Great detail and demo's - David Von Ribbeck

Appointed Person 22nd March 2017

"Great Course, thank you for your knowledge" Nikki Walker

"good knowledge and practical demonstrations" Helen Hadley

"very well delivered and enjoyed the videos" Geraldine England

EFAW Course, 5th February 2017

Jarrett Tennis School Tunbridge Wells (JTS)

Jarret Tennis School

"Sharon was fantastic, very knowledgeable, enthusiastic with great energy"- Steve Jarrett

"Sharon made it fun and has a lot of enthusiasm. We all learned a lot of new stuff"- D Clifford

"Great course, Thank you - Adam Swan

I have worked with TKE for the past 5 years and would highly recommend them. The training is not only excellent but value for money. The ongoing customer care and support for learners is exceptional and it builds confidence in the clients to progress onto further study. They take the fear out of studying and make it enjoyable . Sharon is always there to help with a friendly and sunny approach. Dawn Grant Working Futures Partnership

Emergency First Aid At Work 4th September 2015

testimonial 1 testimonial 2

Appointed Person course, 14th July 2014

Well delivered course, informative & relaxed, pitched and explained at appropriate level - GH

Excellent - might even give it a try one day! - Liz Meek

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) course 28th June 2014

I found this first aid course very interesting and well delivered - Terry Fry

Very good teaching - Chantelle Johnson

Excellent tutor - Marilyn Smith

Direct Care (Kent)

EFAW Course - Horsmonden Tennis Club, 27th March 2014


EFAW Course, 22nd February 2014

testimonial 3

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