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What we do:

We provide a variety of classroom and online courses including First Aid provision for individuals and business.

Our First Aid Training complies with HSE (First Aid) Regulations 1981 , which is a 'core' regulatory requirement for many businesses.


All trainers hold the 'Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment' Assessor Qualification and the 'Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) Qualification. All are required to hold current First Aid Certificates and each have undertaken specific First Aid Trainer Training.

As each training session is booked trainers are required to notify the Quality Assurance Department, so that they have the opportunity to send an observer to the session to conduct a 'quality check' assessment of the trainer as they deliver the session.

In addition each Trainer is required to undertake an Annual Skill Review, where a qualified assessor attends a class to evaluate the Trainer, to ensure that the Trainer is current, up to date and delivering the training in accordance with the certifying organisations requirements.

Daisy - Office stress reliever:

Propet Firtst Aid

Daisy's pet supplies are from Pawmits online shop.


Daisy 2012

Official office stress reliever for the team! Likes walking through woods and across fields. Favourite pastime is jumping around in very muddy puddles and swimming in local stream! Loves attention.

If we do not answer the phone we are setting up training, or delivering training. If we answer the phone but are scrambling for a pen it probably means we are answering phone whilst standing in the middle of a field with Daisy!

Just for information do you know there is an online Pet First Aid course? see the Online Courses section


Daisy 2013


Daisy 2016 having a swim - loves water and swimming!

Daisy leaving the stream!

Daisy 2016, leaving the stream, water flying everywhere!!

my regular grooming session!

Every girl needs some me time - my regular grooming session!

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